Our website is the student’s best friend before the last sentence has to be put into the assignment.

We provide professional study proof of high quality assignments at a very low price. We are aware that when a student approaches us with the desire that we raise the linguistic level in a task, then we must deliver. And so we do.

We are a new company and therefore cannot boast thousands of customer reviews or a similar number of stars on Trustpilot. But for the same reason, we take great care to provide good service, high quality proofing and very low prices. Because we want very satisfied students. And fortunately we have that too. We have gathered some opinions here.

But what we lack in stars, in return, is true experience. Jan, who owns Task Correction, is himself a proofreader and also appointed censor for several programs, including undergraduate projects. Jan has read and rated thousands of assignments and even teaches academic writing.

At several of the other review agencies, you must submit credit card information before receiving the proof-read assignment back. This means that the agency can withdraw the amount from your account, even if you are dissatisfied with the review.

We do not require card information, because we trust that the student pays if the work is done properly and with high quality. We have not yet experienced that a customer has not paid for student proof of assignment, so we continue the concept with: Approve first – Pay afterwards.

Proofreading at the cheapest prices on the market

It is our daily goal and long-term ambition to offer Denmark’s best and cheapest study proof. We are ALWAYS 15-20% percent below the price offered by the other review agencies, and if you find that another agency has set a price lower than ours, we are 10% below.

Book proofreading in advance

When the need is greatest, a few days before a deadline, you can unfortunately find that our capacity is full and that we must therefore say no to tasks. We are bored in every way, but we have only a limited number of reviewers at our disposal, and we do not want to increase capacity simply to meet rising demand. Quality is a key word, and we would rather say no to a task than having to send it to a less skilled reviewer.

If you want to be on the safe side, we recommend that you book time for study correction in advance. For example, if you know that you need to submit your thesis on a given date, you may want to book the review a few weeks or maybe even a few months in advance. When we receive the booking, we reserve a professional reviewer for the assignment and that reviewer has dedicated time to lift the language in your thesis.

You can book here.

A good story with proofreading

Marcus turns to Jan late in the evening and asks, and there is an opportunity to read English proofreading on a 15-page assignment, which he has to submit in a subject at the sociology study at the University of Copenhagen. The deadline is very short. The assignment must be handed in the following day.

The next morning, Jan contacts an English reviewer who – although the reviewer is free – agrees to read through the assignment. It takes a little 2 hours for the reviewer to complete the assignment, but just before noon, the proofread assignment lands in Marcus’ inbox.

No extra charge for express delivery.

It is standard at all other review agencies that 50% is added to the price of express delivery. Our philosophy is that as a customer you do not have to be ‘punished’ for the price to decide on proofreading at the last minute.

If we have a reviewer available, the assignment will be fixed at the normal price. In return, we reserve the right to say no to more orders if our reviewers are booked up with other assignments.

High quality proof reading

It is very important to us that we do not waste quality. That is why Jan is responsible for the quality assurance of the study correction with us. Jan is a very experienced reviewer himself and – as the owner of the company – ensures that there is high quality in all the proofing on our website.

Our reviewers work freelance for us. This means that we do not have the reviewers full time employed, but that we pay the reviewers per. task. The model has several advantages:

  • We can select the most suitable reviewer from time to time depending on the subject of the assignment.
  • The proofreaders only take on one task if they have time to do the work thoroughly.
  • We can use the reviewers that we know from experience keep high quality in the proofreading.

When we associate new reviewers, we emphasize experience with academic writing and scientific assignments as a genre. A scientific assignment stands out by having the purpose of researching something (unlike informative, instructive, evaluative or entertaining texts). Our reviewers are quite familiar with the fact that, in a thesis, one examines a professional problem with an emphasis on method, documentation and reasoning.

It is crucial for the good proofreading of study assignments that there is a deep understanding of scientific writing.

In addition, the reviewer must have a great knowledge of academic language. Academic language is subject-oriented, because it is always a matter that one examines with a scientific approach. The language of the assignment must be clear and economical. It is a great advantage to use subject concepts, because they are more accurate than other concepts, but it is a big mistake to think that there is a correlation between the number of subject concepts and the quality of the task. Subject concepts should be used when they are more precise and unambiguous than other words. They should not be used to impress the censor. It seems counterproductive.

Of course, good task writing is also about creating coherence and clarity across the different parts of the task. One must prioritize the essentials, create a clear progression, create natural transitions between the parts of the task and make sure that the reader can follow the red line in the overall argument of the task.

Finally, formalia is also an essential element. The citation technique, the source references, the table of contents, the footnotes, the literature list, etc. must be mastered, and the method used, for example, for referencing, must follow an accepted and normal academic practice.

Above all, our reviewers must have 110% control of spelling – and equivalent English if you are an English reviewer. Our reviewers need to know the rules thoroughly so that ALL errors, big and small, are detected and corrected.

It is also crucial that the reviewers themselves are skilled writers with a great vocabulary and a convincing language understanding. This is a prerequisite for correcting and optimizing the language of a study assignment.

What to do with bad language?

The obvious answer is: you call a good firewood. And that is as true as it is said. If you have a friend, acquaintance or language nerd in the family who can proofread your assignment, this is a good opportunity.

You can also read proofs of your assignment yourself.

As a reviewer, it probably comes as no great surprise that we recommend professional proofreading. The language is always included in the assessment of study assignments, which is why it is crucial that the language is correct and clear. You can, however, weed out the number of errors yourself, but unless you are an exceptional linguist, you will always overlook many errors. So will a friend if you get help with the study correction.

It is not unusual with 30-40 errors per page. Not at all, actually. That’s perfectly normal. On the page about the process in a proofreading you can see what are the errors we typically see in study tasks.