Proofreading at the best price on the market

There are many reviewing agencies who say they have. On our website, however, we have not yet seen prices that match ours. We are 15-20% cheaper than the second cheapest and 50% cheaper than many of the ‘old’ reviewing agencies.

In principle, we do not offer student discounts, because we only offer student discounts and the discount is already included in our price.

Our prices apply to proofreading in English. We offer the same low price for English proofreading.

In the price calculator below you can see the difference in the price of proofreading and a few of the other proofreading agencies.

You can read much more about our pricing system on the cheap proofing page.

Low price = high quality

The headline sounds like a contradiction, and so it is. But there is just no connection between price and quality, because we offer high quality at very low prices.

We are a group of dedicated linguists who all have long, academic education behind us. We are passionate about working with the language and we cultivate the language in our own way. However, we are common in proofreading. For us it is very satisfying to use our craft – proofreading – to lift the language of study tasks.

We can see how language improves without directly affecting content. But the point of proofreading is precisely that the task of study proofing is given a general quality boost. Namely, there is a clear connection between the censor’s experience of the language and the censor’s experience of the task as a whole. If the language is good, the censor’s overall assessment of the assignment will be much better.

It positively affects the character. That said, language also means something in itself. The language MUST be included in the assessment of the assignment.

In the Examination Order for university programs, for example, you can read the following:

  • 26. In assessing the bachelor’s project, master’s thesis, master’s project and other major written assignments, in addition to the academic content, emphasis must also be placed on the student’s spelling and wording ability.

The Executive Order for the Degree Program includes the following wording in the section on assignment assessment:

  • 35. 4. When assessing a professional bachelor project, a final examination project or a final project, in addition to the academic content, emphasis should also be placed on the student’s wording and spelling ability.

So there is every reason to read thorough proof of his assignment, whether it is a minor assignment, a bachelor’s, a thesis, a master’s project or a dissertation. And if you have a hard time yourself, there is help to get from us.

We have the cheapest price on proofreading in the market and we are so confident in the quality that we will not charge you for our work until you have approved the proofreading.